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  1. Keep Track of Your Spending. It will be easier for you to save your money when you know where it’s going. Try keeping a track of what you spend and what remains after spending on a spreadsheet or an app that’ll help you on settling your finances.  
  2. Include Saving In Your Budget. Budgeting not only means tracking down what you spend but also finding out how much you can save. 
  3. Separate Wants and Needs. Do you need that new bag, shoes or clothes? Maybe an upgrade from your new phone? When money is tight, you shouldn’t spend it unless necessary.
  4. Use the 24-hour Rule. The principle of this rule is, that when you want to purchase something, or you find yourself impulsively wanting to buy something, give it some thought for 1 day. If you still feel that you want it after 24 hours, then you buy it, if not, then you just saved your money.
  5. Find Ways To Cut Spending. This is harder than it sounds. Cutting down your spending means you’re also going to have to adjust your lifestyle which is something not everyone is willing to do, but if you ever do 
  6. Avoid Using Credit to Pay Your Bills. Your credit card is also a bill you have to pay each month, so when you’re paying your bills using credit, you’re only accumulating the total amount until it grows higher with interest. As much as you can, avoid this habit. 
  7. Set Savings Goals. One of the best ways to save is to set a goal. Think about how much you want to save for both the short term and long term. Then estimate how much money you’ll need and how long it would take you to achieve it. 
  8. Pick the Right Tools. This means finding an investment or savings account that fits your needs. 
  9. Pay Off Credit Cards in Full Each Month. Credit card companies don’t charge you with interest when you pay your credit card bill in full, on time, each month. 
  10. Save Regularly. Make saving a habit. It’s not a one-time thing where you save a huge chunk of your cash for a while and then never let it grow. You can also invest your money and let it work for you. 

Bottom Line:

The goal here is that you want to save enough money to let the money do all the work for you. Showing off your riches to people you don’t care about is a total waste. Being rich means not having to work, and not having to worry about when you’ll get your next paycheck because your money is already multiplying itself for you. 

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