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Buyers have a greater sense of urgency

A great sense of urgency in buyers when the market is hot tends to make them want to move quicker than one would initially think. And because of this unrest, they become easily swayed by first impressions and emotions. Sellers can use this to their advantage by staging their homes. A seller can also strategically obtain the buyer’s connection to the home by staging for the season in a way that’s not too obvious. In a market this hot, a staged home could attract multiple offers at once, instantly, after being listed.

Staged photos of your home will attract more buyers

In a hot market, appearance is everything. Persistent buyers are more inclined to be drawn to a property that they can see themselves in. Aesthetics are a major factor because not only do they build an expectation of what the house could look like, they aref also a big selling point. We, as consumers, purchase things that we need, and also things that we want, and most of the time, what we want is easy to look at. So make sure that you hire a professional photographer to photograph your staged home in the best possible light. 

Many buyers expect homes to be staged

You, me and everyone else more likely expects a house to be staged when searching for one. It would be hard to envision living in it if there’s nothing in it to begin with. How will they be captivated to make the house feel like home if they only see a hollow shell? 

Staging ensures you will get the highest sale price in the quickest time

According to the 2019 NAR report, sellers see about a 5% return on their investment nationwide. Staged homes have proven statistically to sell anywhere between 1-17% more than an unstaged home. This could be a difference of a few thousand to tens of thousands of dollars. Sellers who stage their home can end up leaving a lot of money on the table. Your realtor would strongly recommend this because of how beneficial it is. It’s their job to get their clients the most money for their homes at the end of the day. 

Why staging works

Helps homes appear newer and move-in ready

When you stage your home, it makes it look brand new or at the very least newer than it actually is. It highlights the property’s best features and demonstrates the home’s potential exponentially. It has a big impact on how buyers see your home. The goal of staging is to make the home appear move-in ready to help buyers visualize themselves living in it. 

Helps buyers feel confident in their purchase 

One major thing that staging is effective at doing is making floor plans evident. Today, many people prefer open floor plans. However, if there is little to no furniture, potential buyers will find it difficult to nvision how to place the furniture. This would ultimately make the buyers second-guess your home which is not advantageous. Your home deserves to be seen as the best of the best. The more you make the buyers ponder, the more uncertain they become about purchasing the home. Staging take out that gues work and helps buyers feel more confident in their purchase.

Maximizes space 

Want to know a trick to make your home’s interior look bigger than it actually is? Properly stage your home. It’s a common misconception that clearing out a room can make it seem bigger, when in reality, it makes the room appear smaller. On the other hand, having too many pieces or oversized furniture can make the rooms feel cramped. Staging can turn a room that appears “too small” to “cozy” in a buyer’s mind. It’s all psychological.

When the market is hot and prices are higher than ever before, buyers are less likely to have the funds for renovations and repairs. Staging would help lessen the weight of minor repairs and renovations on their shoulders. Seeing that the home is in tiptop shape will achieve this. Professional stagers know the most cost-effective updates or repairs needed to show that your home is well worth the selling price. 

Schedule a home staging consultation

The bottom line is that regardless of where the home market stands, staging is beneficial for all parties involved. Sellers should stage a home even in a hot market. It helps the seller and realtor get the most money possible in a shorter time frame. If you have any more questions about home staging, or if you’re ready to sell your home, our experts here at Landon Pacific would be happy to walk you through the process, staging, and all. Schedule a seller’s consultation today!


The seller’s market today has many homeowners weighing their options and trying to decide if they should sell their house or not. If you find yourself within that sphere, you may be balancing a few crucial points against your own changing needs that determine when is the best time to take that next step.

Recent data shows that that time is already here, according to the latest Home Purchase Sentiment Index, more than 70% percent of consumers believe now is a good time to sell. Given the fact that the market is lacking inventory this season and the market is as competitive as ever, this is the perfect time to take advantage of that heat. 

From record-high equity gains to record-low housing supply along with this season’s significant buyer demand, homeowners, sellers and investors are more motivated to sell than ever before. To put it simply, there are more buyers in today’s market than there are homes for sale, driving home prices up, and making it a great time to sell your property. 

If you look over the past few years, it is evident that consumers are extremely optimistic today. In fact, the majority believe that it’s even better to sell a house today than in the lead-up to the current health crisis.

The bottom line is with the home inventory being so low and home prices spiking upwards, it’s a no-brainer that consumers would realize how advantageous this time is for them to sell. 

So, if you’re ready to take advantage of today’s extremely favorable seller’s market, Landon Pacific is one call away to help you get it done.

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