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Are you finally moving into your dream home but it’s in the other side of the country and you have kids? Moving is already stressful, but with moving with kids comes with the added pressure of having to get little ones up and out of their normal routine.

Would you believe that there are tips to make the process go smoother? There are some great strategies to make this transition easier. Of course, it varies depending on the age of your children, and moving with toddlers and babies is without question more of an adventure, whereas moving with older children is more straightforward. The key here is effectively eliminating the stress as much as possible, specially for the babies and toddlers because if you’re stressed, they are, too.

Here are a few ways to help your children prepare for the move:

Packing up everything, including the family.

Decluttering as much as possible is always a good idea when moving a long way, but kids are sensitive and they often have the most stuff; clothes, toys, baby bottles, their own utensils, and toys they can’t seem to live without. So, in order to effectively declutter without offending the younglings by leaving behind their beloved cardboard boxes or having them take out the stuff you just put in, it’s best to have someone look over them while you pack up so they don’t see what you’re taking and not taking with you.

Kids, listen up.

Never treat your kids as if they don’t know what’s going on. It’s always better to treat them as if they can think for themselves. This is how they grow up to be efficient adults, and it will help them to feel more empowered during this big change. Explain to your kids that you’re moving to a new town or part of the country. Tell them the positive aspects of this move and get them excited over the new friends they’ll meet and new adventures they will have along the way.

Sell what you don’t need

The main room that’s going to need major clean up is probably going to be your kids’ room, but the good news is that kids do not play with all of their toys, so you probably have a good idea now what toys to keep and which ones to donate or sell.

It’s a good idea to help your children to be a part of this process, tell them to select which toys they want to give to children in need and which toys they would like to sell, you can even incentivize this process by offering the choice of a new toy or room decoration for the new house with the proceeds from the sale of their old toys. The key is to keep things efficient while still keeping your kiddo in the loop so they don’t feel out of control or uncertain about these big transitions.

Find out about schools and child care

And the most important thing to consider are the local schools and child care in the area you’re moving into. It’s better to be sure that all of the arrangements are in place before you move. Get in touch with them to assure that the can fit your child or children in.

Ideally, your new home should not be far from good school, nurseries and you can quickly go to work and back. Feel free to share information with your children about these new schools or day cares, what types of activities will be accessible to them? Getting everyone excited about this move and life change is the ultimate key to battling transition stress for all parties, kiddos and grownups alike.

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